LED Mirror AM-6013

This double vanity mirror features not one but two oval-shaped LED mirrors, each perfectly complemented by a pristine white sink. The AM 6013 isn’t just a bathroom fixture; it’s a luxurious statement piece that brings sophistication, functionality, and contemporary flair to your space.


Double Oval Brilliance:

The AM-6013 takes bathroom design to the next level with its double oval-shaped LED mirrors. These mirrors offer a unique and flattering perspective, ensuring you look your absolute best every time you gaze into them. Bid farewell to ordinary bathroom fixtures and embrace this modern masterpiece.

Integrated LED Lighting:

Illuminate your reflection and your surroundings with the integrated LED lighting on both mirrors. This feature not only enhances your reflection but also provides ambient lighting for your bathroom space. Whether you’re getting ready for the day or winding down in the evening, this mirror ensures the perfect lighting every time.

Twin White Sinks:

The AM-6013 comes complete with two pristine white sinks, adding a touch of purity and elegance to your bathroom. These sinks perfectly complement the double vanity design and enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom space.

Timeless Design with Modern Flair:

The AM-6013 mirror effortlessly blends with your bathroom decor while making a bold style statement. Its unique design and the oval shape create a luxurious focal point in any bathroom. Whether it’s your master bathroom or a guest powder room, this mirror ensemble adds a touch of timeless elegance with a modern twist to your space.

Effortless Installation:

Setting up the LED Mirror AM-6013 is straightforward. It arrives complete with all the necessary hardware and installation instructions, ensuring a seamless process for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is the LED lighting on the AM-6013 mirrors dimmable?

The LED lighting on the AM-6013 mirrors is not dimmable, as the focus is on providing consistent and flattering illumination.

Are the sinks included with the mirrors, and what materials are they made from?

Yes, the AM-6013 ensemble includes two white sinks made from high-quality materials, adding to the overall elegance and functionality of the design.

Can the mirrors be installed in a bathroom with high humidity?

Yes, the AM-6013 mirrors are designed for bathroom use and can be installed in bathrooms with normal levels of humidity. Proper ventilation is recommended for long-lasting durability.

Do the mirrors come with storage cabinets or additional features?

The AM-6013 mirrors are primarily designed to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetics and provide illumination. They do not come with storage cabinets or additional features.

Is professional installation required for the AM-6013 ensemble, or can it be a DIY project?

While professional installation is an option, DIY enthusiasts with basic plumbing and electrical skills can install the AM-6013 ensembles using the provided instructions and hardware.


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