Bathroom Shower KRK14

Transform your daily shower routine into a luxurious escape with the Bathroom Shower A0338, a masterfully crafted system that seamlessly marries functionality and style. This cutting-edge shower ensemble features four distinct functional showers, all encased in a striking black finish, redefining the aesthetics of your bathroom with a touch of contemporary sophistication.


Key Features:

Quadruple Shower Symphony:

 Immerse yourself in a shower experience like no other with the KRK14’s four functional showers. Whether you crave the gentle cascade of rainfall, the invigorating pulsation of a massage, or the precision of a targeted stream, this shower system caters to every preference, enhancing your daily ritual.

Sleek Black Aesthetics:

 The KRK14 introduces a bold and elegant design to your bathroom with its black color palette. The modern finish, coupled with seamless lines, not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures the shower remains a focal point in any contemporary bathroom setting.

Innovative Shower Control: 

Navigate effortlessly between the four shower functions with the KRK14’s user-friendly controls. The innovative design ensures that adjusting the water flow and transitioning between different shower experiences is intuitive, offering you complete control over your bathing ritual.

Sturdy and Durable Build: 

Crafted from high-quality materials, the KRK14 is not just a visual delight but also a robust and durable addition to your bathroom. The construction ensures longevity, making this shower system a reliable investment in both style and functionality.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: 

The KRK14 is designed for hassle-free installation, with clear instructions and all necessary components included. Cleaning and maintaining this shower system is equally straightforward, guaranteeing that your bathroom stays pristine and stylish.


Q: Can I install the KRK14 in my existing shower space?

 A: Yes, the KRK14 is designed to be versatile and can be installed in most standard shower spaces. Ensure that your plumbing is compatible, and the installation guide will assist you in the process.

Q: Is the black finish prone to scratching or fading?

 A: The black finish on the KRK14 is resistant to scratching and fading, ensuring that it maintains its sleek appearance over time. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent will help preserve its aesthetics.

Q: Can I adjust the water pressure for each individual shower?

 A: The KRK14 allows you to adjust the overall water pressure, ensuring a customizable shower experience. However, individual adjustments for each shower function are not available to maintain a balanced water distribution.

Q: What type of plumbing is compatible with the KRK14?

 A: The KRK14 is designed to be compatible with standard plumbing systems. If you have any specific concerns, it’s recommended to consult a professional plumber for advice or assistance.

Q: Is the KRK14 suitable for low-water pressure areas?

 A: While the KRK14 is designed to perform optimally with standard water pressure, it can still provide a satisfying shower experience in areas with lower water pressure. Consider installing a water pressure booster if needed for the best results.


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