Bathroom Cabinet A-8741

Elevate your bathroom with our wall-mounted single Bathroom Vanity with a sleek cultured marble top. Ideal for compact bathrooms, it can also enhance spacious ones by creating an open feel. Featuring a contemporary rectangular sink and pre-drilled faucet hole, it exudes a streamlined aesthetic. Convenient storage is provided by two inset doors beneath the sink. Some assembly is needed for the mounted Dressing Mirror Shelf with Storage.

Product Features:

Sleek Cultured Marble Top: 

Crafted with a stylish cultured marble top for a sophisticated look.

Space-Saving Design:

 Perfect for compact bathrooms, while also making larger spaces feel more open.

Contemporary Sink:

 Features a modern rectangular sink for a streamlined aesthetic.

Pre-Drilled Faucet Hole:

 Simplifies the installation of your chosen faucet.

Convenient Storage: 

Two inset doors beneath the sink offer storage space for towels and essentials.


1. How do I install the Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity?

Installation is straightforward and requires standard tools. Detailed instructions are included.

2. Can I choose a different faucet style to match my bathroom decor?

Yes, the pre-drilled faucet hole allows you to select a faucet that suits your design preferences.

3. Is the cultured marble top easy to clean and maintain?

Absolutely! The cultured marble top is both elegant and easy to clean, making it a practical addition to your bathroom.

4. What are the dimensions of the Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity?

The exact dimensions are providing you with the necessary information for your space planning.

5. Can I purchase a wall mounting bracket for the vanity separately?

Yes, we recommend purchasing a compatible wall mounting bracket to simplify the installation process.

6. Is partial assembly required for the Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity?

Yes, some assembly is needed, but it’s a straightforward process with the included instructions.


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